Peter and Adrian of Hayward Tod recently met with other regional members of Mayfair Office at their Regional Conference to discuss the housing market. This group is one of the most experienced and respected in the UK with members who regularly act as government, Bank of England or industry advisors.

Specific topics included mortgage lending; length of property transaction times, the media and national and international marketing.

Commenting on the conference, Adrian said, “We are without doubt one of the most influential groups in the business and our-in depth talks centred on property market expectations and forecasting over the next twelve months. We all have many challenges over this period as our new government tackles the fiscal deficit and acts to persuade mortgage lenders to release more funds to further stimulate activity - first time buyers must be in a position to re-engage with the market.”

“We were able to debate all these issues and to discuss working even more closely with our colleagues from around the country and in our own region in particular. The Mayfair Office group have strong regional groups who work together on a day to day basis supported by over offices throughout the rest of the UK and overseas to provide true national and international coverage. As a group of estate agency firms we are one of the largest and best equipped to help both buyers and sellers.’

The group’s own marketing team, based in London, were also on hand to discuss the national and international markets and the latest technology to help communication with buyers and sellers.

Peter added, “But the great challenge for the months ahead must be put into the context of the past eighteen months. All conference delegates were agreed; the market has come a very, very long way from the recession dark days of late 2008 and early 2009.”

Mayfair Office is a national and international network of the finest firms of estate agents in the industry. The network comprises over one hundred members firms across the UK, with more than three hundred offices, as well as more than one hundred offices overseas.

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