Selling Your Home

The first step must be to determine the true value of your property in an ever-changing market place. Remember, many Estate Agents are only interested in listing your property in order to earn a commission or indeed an upfront fee, rather than offering you professional advice which takes proper account of your own circumstances, needs and ambitions.

At Hayward Tod we look at each sale in the context of your overall house moving needs rather than in isolation to ensure as prompt and straight forward a sale as possible.

  • We ensure that your property is the main focus of our advertising and pride ourselves on the quality of its presentation.
  • We focus on high quality photography and ensure that any print marketing is clear and concise as well as an emphasis on large photographs rather than volume.
  • We advertise locally in both regional newspaper and magazine publications as well as being pleased to be able to offer advertising in national publications through our connection to Mayfair Office
  • We ensure the latest technology in respect of aerial photography and fully immersive 3D ‘dolls house’ virtual tours meaning that your property is marketed to the fullest potential and to the whole of the market.
  • We also display our properties prominently on our own website and the major online ‘portals’. Rightmove and